Welcome to rM's Instant Interview...  please pick a question or two from the list to answer - short or long answers - or ignore the questions and just talk more about your release, inspiration, or recording process. - Questions Courtesy of John K. Northrup

1) What / Who inspired you to write this album?

I create, compose & record music out of sheer desire to express what cannot be expressed sometimes in language. Inspiration comes from photography, travel places I have visited or have desire to visit. Having traveled and lived in the southwestern US there are places that one connects with on a purely symbiotic level and too much analysis really will not explain this phenomenon to me as a human being. Its the open spaces, dry heat, botanical fragrances, natural enigmatic forms of the landscape that really becomes an inspirational point from which to carve out the music from. Its perhaps the inspirational effect of natural poetry(forest, deserts, oceans etc) that syncs me into all to this amazing cosmos of sound. Image and sound go hand in hand in compositional inspiration at least from my perspective.

2) What are you trying to say with this album?

I make it a point not preach from the pulpit musically. The music will and should speak to every listener in its own vocabulary. All the artwork and track titles are just slight suggestive elements and although some thought goes into the titles they are starting points for the listener.
3) What gear did you use?
Anything! On a serious note I like working within the limitations of gear. Over the last decade I have begun to withdraw from techno lust(sold much of my gear thin the herd so to speak). Today I would rather draw as much potential out of one synthesizer than have a room full of machines with too many choices. That deviates me from the compositional elements. One of my main synthesizers is my Ensoniq ESQ-1 of which has a very warm sound un-prestine sound if you will. I also utilize a Ensoniq SD-1/VFX-SD, Virus C, Motif(1st generation). Things can change slightly  but most if not all this gear I am comfortable using with when the inspirational muse beckons.

4) What kind of process do you go through to write your music?

Sometimes the music arrives in a 100% improvised fashion and off the cuff. An example of that would be Quiet Realm off Archaic Frontiers. Other times its more a composed nature with structure i.e. ABA verse chorus verse as in many modern forms of music. The minimalist and trance realms appeal to my music composing as well. Much of Architexture of Silence my previous release was drawn on the Phillip Glass/Terry Reily musical styles. I make it a habit not to mentally construct anything beforehand but instead work within the momentary inspiration of either a sound or rhythmic element which will sort of lead to a full on composition. Sometimes a track will take me an hour to compose and record other times its a few days but I never stagger my compositions for more than a few days or I loose interest. The best music always comes to me without any creative friction.

5) Who did the artwork / design?

All done by me. I like many an independent musician do not have a budget from which to hire anyone to design my cds. I enjoy photography and tend to use many of my images from my travels as covers for my releases. It offers a personal touch and rounds off each project quite nicely.

6) Tell us about your background in music.

I am mainly self taught and as I child I was drawn to a cheap electric organ my family purchased that allowed one to play with 1 button a chord while accompanying yourself with the keyboard for melodies. I was always drawn to minor keys for some reason and its stuck with me thru-out my adult life. As an adult jazz< fusion era > and progressive rock really open my ears to structure and I took a few courses in college in a jazz performance course playing electric bass an instrument I still really appreciate but no longer play. It was John Williams, Jean Michel Jarre, Kitaro and early new age music that really opened me up to the possibility of exploring synthesizers and making music without the dependency of having a band. My first synth was a Moog Micromoog I purchased in the 1980s for $100. I still have a penchant for that analog sound and plan to revisit when time and money allows! As an artist and adamant listener to music I focus on the freedom and exploratory nature of music and try to seek it out without compromise.
The first official Alpha Wave Movement music available on cd appeared in the early 1990s on the Silent Records "From Here to Tranquility" series. I later released music on CUE Records now called Groove Unlimited, Waveform (as Open Canvas) and Anodize with the remainder of my releases on my own label Harmonic Resonance Recordings.