About The Label

For over twenty years, Harmonic Resonance Recordings (H.R.R.) has been discovering, developing and promoting innovative instrumental basedrecording projects. An independent label exploring the wide plethora of electronic musings within the genre's of ambient, dub/tech/minimal, jazz, world music (dub/Arabic/Indonesian), new-age/meditational, film and progressive rock music inspired electronica.

The fundamental mission of HRR is to release and endorse the music of the myriad of electronic music centered projects of which include Alpha Wave Movement, Open Canvas, Thought Guild, Gregory Kyryluk, and Within Reason.

HRR has enjoyed success at each level, from small to national stages and included on syndicated and non syndicated shows such as Echoes, Hearts of Space, Radio IO, Musical Starstreams, Mystic Radio, SomaFm and One World Music Radio in the United Kingdom. Over the past few years, HRR has explored new tonal territories incorporating Within Reason a downtempo, ambient project manifested in a rich matrix of natural soundscapes infused with minimal dub aesthetics. Alpha Wave Movement was featured in the massively popular video game Grand Theft Auto IV and well-known audio wellness series Hemi-Sync, while work from Open Canvas has been featured in the final season of HBO’s True Blood.

For audio samples of the entire HRR catalog, visit http://hrresonance.bandcamp.com

To contact HRR for promotional releases, licensing and interviews please email alphawav2@yahoo.com