Concept of Motion was my third release which arrived on the heels of Transcendence and The Edge of Infinity and in its viscous compositional elements attained a more energetic persona, hence my reluctance to title the release in such a manner.


Concept of Motion contains elements of berlin-school, ambient techno and new age music all in one album. It is a varietal electronic album to say the least.


Concept of Motion was originally released on CUE Records Netherlands (later  known as Groove Unlimited) and consecutively on my own label Harmonic Resonance Recordings. The later version contains a bonus track recorded a year after the release.


Concept of Motion has been out of print for some time on physical media and is now

{2017} currently available once more on CD or as a Digital Download.



Available at the Harmonic Resonance Store at Bandcamp(link to store)


Out now Alpha Wave Movement "Cerulian Skies" on CD or Digital Download.


Inspired by the plethora of beauty up above our heads as we walk beyond the confines of the concrete, glass and steel into this dome of sunlit blue.

Electronic music quiet and reflective like images of a deep cerulian cirrus laden sky or as ominously nebulous as a approaching supercell.

The sky, clouds and their ceaseless dichotomy of colors and patterns helped inspire the music for this release. Synthetic atmospheres and rhythmic dialog depict the inherent dynamic splendor of inspiration......


Available at the Harmonic Resonance Store at Bandcamp(link to store)


Special 40 + min mix of music from three Thought Guild albums on the Inside the Rift Soundcloud page. Free to download and enjoy.


Thought Guild was a project with a friend and synthesizer collector Christopher Cameron. Chris was not a musician in the true sense i.e. taught in a music conservatory but he did have an inner penchant for sound and tinkering the keys in a purely improv style of approach.


Thought Guild began in 1999 in Connecticut where we would each gather our old and new gear (pre-1980s analog and digital synthesizers, drum machines etc) at each others home studios and then just jam off the cuff. The music was of the "cosmic" ambient ethos, unpolished, 90% improvised and without aid of high end production, after all this was true DIY music! Kindered spirits where channeled via Ashra, Vangelis, Kitaro, Tangerine Dream, Eno and Steve Roach.


We eventually release "Context" in 2002 on my label Harmonic Resonance Recordings followed by two more full length cds and a disc of music from the digital vaults containing unreleased and experimental live material.


Christopher passed away many years ago but the memories of his musical muse and the fun time we both had are encapsulated in the four Thought Guild recordings.


Cds and digital downloads are available at the Harmonic Resonance Recordings bandcamp site.


Enjoy the music!


Every Thursday during the month of January Bill Fox host of the shows Galactic Travels and Soundscapes on WDIY PA will be featuring music from my back catalog spanning 20+ years.


Bill Fox has supported the independent electronic music scene for many many years via his radio shows which focus on ambient, space music and a variety of other styles that fit into the electronic music cache!


Bill will also be archiving the shows for you to listen to at a later date in case you missed a show.


You can listen to Galactic Travels live on Thursdays by clicking the link here



KINETIC (2016)


Kinetic - "art from any medium that contains movement perceivable by the listener or participant depends on motion for its effect".

A spectrum of emotional melodic electronica permeated with forward motion pulses and a tincture of aural atmospheres. Drawing on the classic electronic music mentors of 1970's and 80's in sound tools and compositional attributes.

Sonic vistas that traverse the canyons and inner cosmos with synthetic mindfulness.....

Audio samples are now available for your listening pleasure......

Recorded in the Sound Cave 2015/16.
100% hardware synthesis PCM, Analog & Virtual Analog.

DJ's & Music writers/reviewers please drop me a note for a promo copy.


"Inspired by the hypnagogic lure of the vast ocean. A two composition ode to the muse of the liquid cosmos of deep enigmatic allure. A crystalline molecular matrix of electronic sound and gossamer timbral aesthetics. A subtle quietude of articulation that oscillates within the harmonic currents."


Mainly improvised long-form ambient electronic suite in two compositions utilizing environmental soundscapes and analog and digital synthesis.


100% hardware synthesis PCM, Analog & Virtual Analog.

DJ's & Music writers/reviewers please drop me a note for a promo copy.